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 Unable to open Word 2000 SR1 Post a Reply  
From: Kay on 07/02/2002
My computer is a Scott 300 computer 1 year old.

Problems began last week when word 'hung' every time I tried to open it.

I have deleted and reinstalled Windows Millenium and Word 2000 SR1.

I have clean booted it.

The previous error messgaes were that the system was dangerously low in resources.

I have checked the resource meter and found it to be using only 18% of total with 82% free.this was the same even when other programmes such as Access are running.

Today the computer froze when in Access, but only when using the scroll bar.

Running out of ideas fast.



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From: KR on 03/28/2003
I was having the same problem - Barry's fix (renaming worked great! Thanks!

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From: Barry on 11/21/2002
You have probably found the answer to your problem by now, but in case you haven't, my daughter had the same problem with Word 2000 just yesterday.
I found the cause by searching the net.
Here it is:
There is a file that Word 2000 uses called "".
If that file becomes corrupted, it will cause Word 2000 to hang up and you'll get the message "dangerously low on system resources".
To fix the problem find the file and rename it.
Word 2000 will create a new "" should open without any problems.
Not being that familar with word, I'm not sure what effect not having the original "" will have on Word.

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From: Charlotte on 09/03/2002
I am in the same boat as Kay. My WinME system will hang and then do the BSOD when I am trying to use Word2000. I am also getting the "dangerously low on system resources" error message. I would like to know how to find out which program is being a system hog. I have 128 MB and would like to know how to manage the virtual memory better.


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From: Computerpilot on 07/03/2002
How much ram do you have? Does Windows manage your virtual memory? I can tell you how to check these things if you post back. I am not sure of your experience level.

If you have over 128mb installed and getting the message frequently, I would try installing 256mb. However, this is a temporary fix. I believe that some program is running out of control in the background. I have seen some 'freeware' or 'shareware' programs stay in the memory after they have been closed and have sucked all of my remaining RAM and CPU to stay alive. This issually caused by bad Visual Basic programming. Think of what recent software like this you might have installed. I bet that is your source. I like to look at my current running applications to see if there are some wierd programs that are running. In windows 2000, this is easy as it lists all the processes that are running and how much CPU cycles they are eating up.

Post back if you need further advice.


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