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 I think Warcraft III has killed my PC and Mac Hard Post a Reply  
From: Lloyd on 08/21/2003
I have two computers, A brand new PC I built to do my graphics work that has 500 megs ram, western digital 80 gb hard drive, Asus Pegasus motherboard with all the bells and whistles and a 256 MB GeForce 4 graphics card and its 2 Ghz. I also have a Mac G4 with 766 meg ram, a Seagate 18 gb dual SCSI hard drive and a lowly ATI 32 MB Radeon and its 500 MHz.

I installed Warcraft III on my PC to test the graphics card, speed of the computer etc. I only used the brand new PC that is only 4 months old about 10-15 times since i built it and everything ran perfectly. Three days after installing Warcraft III and playing it, the game locked up on me. I restarted and my motherboard told me to back up my hard drive because it may need to be replaced immediately. The drive made clicking noises when it tried to do anything and i could not format it or re-install windows. I did get windows installed once and when windows started it crached to the blue screen.

I had been playing warcraft on my mac for about a month previous to this crash on my PC. Just last night, my Mac locked up after playing Warcraft and when I restarted it was unable to find a hard drive to start up with. I started up with my CD and low and behold, it prompts me to format my hard drive.

Has anyone else heard of this? The only thing the two computers have in common is the game Warcraft III.


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