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 Boot problem in Win98: Explorer causing exception Post a Reply  
From: AlanK on 08/20/2003
This problem occurs in normal an safe mode boot. The error window cycles continuously. The details are as follows:

EXPLORER caused an exception c0000006H in module WININET.DLL at 015f:70201683.
EAX=00000000 CS=015f EIP= 70201683 EFLGS=00010206
EBX=8264b000 SS=0167 ESP=0072ba6c EBP=0072ba78
ECX=8264f000 DS=0167 ESI=48534148 FS=1bd7
EDX=00013000 ES=0167 EDI=8264fe10 GS=1aa6
Bytes at CS:EIP
39 34 13 0c 13 0f 85 1a 4e 02 00 40 39 41 0c
Stack dump:
8264fd70 004370a0 00000001 0072baa0 7021680e
00434d54 8264b000 0072ba9c 00000000 00000000
0043444c 004370a0 00004d70 0072bbd0 7021639d


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From: Jeff on 08/26/2003
You may have to reinstall your copy of Internet explorer. WinInet.dll is the internet extension dll. This file can easily become corrupted if you install any type of P2P software or internet related programs such as download managers. The adware budled with it usually corrupt the file by adding its own extensions. If your system is stable enough you can try to unintall the software and reinstall your browser. If not you may have to reinstall windows.

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