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From: Ken on 08/16/2003
I cannot boot up my computer, please help! The symptoms are:
1. When switched on, all the CD-ROMs and hard disk seems to response briefly, but no signal goes to the monitor.
2. If I typed on the keyboard, computer shows no signs of movement, not responding.
3. I have tried to start the computer with a floppy boot disk, and tried to start on the "recovery disk" in the CD-ROM, neither methods works.
4. I have disconneted all the CD-ROMs, floppy,USB connetions, modems and tried to start the computer with only the harddisk, doesn't work.
5. The monitor works fine, I have tested it with my laptop.

The most recent thing I did to my computer was I added a 1 to 4 USB hub extension, it worked fine for several days, but could I have "burnt out" the USB ports with too many power-drawing devices?


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From: Ken on 08/17/2003
In case anyone is wondering. I finally got an expert to look at it and my computer is dead... Looks like I did burnt the USB port which is linked to the motherboard.

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