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From: Daniel on 08/12/2003
hey, I got windows xp, 512 mb ddr ram, pentium 4 1.6 ghz and my comp locks up at random times. It doesn not reset, blue screen, or give any error msgs. IT doesn't go black screen or anything, just FREEZES the current screen. I cannot ctrl-alt-delete out, the power button doesnt respond on the actually comp case (sony vaio), and the only way I can regain control is to cut power and restart. It worked perfectly for about a year, then started freezing randomly in the past couple weeks. Its not only when I play games, but any time. It could run for hours, or freeze in 10 minutes then again 10 minutes after i reboot, its totally random. I have updated directx, video card drivers and have rules out a heat problem and memory prob with tests. Its not a software problem either, because I reformatted my comp and it still frooze with a fresh copy of winxp. I have no driver conflicts. my bios is updated. please help!

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From: Angie on 08/23/2003
Have you checked your power supply?Sounds like it may be underpowered
or is about to fail

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