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From: Matt on 08/12/2003
I'm trying to fix my friends computer. She has Win 98 and AOL 8.0. It used to work just fine, but recently it crashes everytime she attempts to logon. It says there is an error with waol.exe. It always happens at Step 5, when the Computer is "Talking to the Network". We've un-installed and re-installed AOL 8.0 and nothing works. She used to have AOL 6.0 and AOL 7.0 and then upgraded to AOL 8.0. It worked for a while, but now it doesn't work at all. AOL tech support wasn't much help either. Please help.

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From: Harkon on 11/07/2003
Yesterday I trioubnleshooted a friends computer which was running win 2 k and it went black and rebooted with aol 8.0 on step 5.

I got into the aol tech chat and asked the geeks there.

Their suggestion was to check the ISDN drivers which are working fine with every other application including AOL 7.0.

Why does it always go from bad to worse?

Now I need to redo the ISDN installation (or get some other provider)


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From: max on 10/28/2003
Several possible fixes:

1. Open the "AOL system information" program. On my computer it can be found at: "C:\Program Files\Common Files\aolshare\sysinfo\sinf.exe"
Under the "utilities" tab, click the "uninstall aol adapter" (aol can't be running). When aol reloads, it will reinstall the network adapter--i think it then needs a reboot. This may help.

2. Delete temporary internet files, including all offline content.

3. If you're using IE 6; go to the add/remove program control panel. Bring-up the Microsoft Internet Explorer dialog, select "repair" and click ok.

Hope this helps...


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From: nigel on 09/09/2003
Go to start - programs - accessories - system programs - klick on "system restore", then choose a valid date in the programm "system restore.

If you have system restore "inactive" then try installing 7.0 again,

I'm having trouble myself staying conected with the 8.0 two minutes then it crashes. So f. o*f 8.0

i'm on Win Me


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