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 MSI Geforce FX 5200, PC freezes when trying to pla Post a Reply  
From: Tommy on 08/09/2003
I recently bought the MSI Geforce FX 5200 to upgrade my old machine, and I'm having difficulties running games or applications that use 3D graphics.

My machine:
AMD K7 650 MHz
VIA Motherboard (newest 4-in-1 drivers)
384 Mb SDRAM
MSI MS-StarForce Geforce FX 5200 with 44.03 drivers (from MSI, 22 mb)
Windows XP Professional
DirectX 9.0

I know it's very old, but I hoped the FX 5200 would increase performance, my old card was a Geforce 1 DDR. Anyway, I uninstalled the Geforce, took it out, put the 5200 in and started the computer. I installed the drivers, and everything looked ok. My old specs got 2000 in 3DMark 2001, now I had 4000 :)

All was well, until I started a game (Freelancer). I didn't get past the startup screen before everything froze. I had to manually reboot, and when I returned to Windows I tried my other games. Max Payne froze in the loading process. With Hitman 2 I managed to start a mission before everything froze. Half-life gave an error, and quitted. No game worked. I tried 3DMark again, with Pure Hardware and Hardware settings. About 75% of the time, the test would freeze.

I downloaded new drivers for both the video card and the motherboard, in addition to installing DirectX 9.0. I used the LiveUpdate program from MSI and upgraded the card's BIOS to the latest version, but everything still freezes.

If I start the DirectX diagnostic tool (dxdiag) before trying to play any game, Direct3d and DirectDraw works fine. If I check again, after unsuccessfully loading Max Payne, the screen is just white.

I don't know what the error might be. I don't think it's temperature, because I have removed the outer casing, and nothing seems to be too warm.

If you have any idea why my PC freezes when trying to play games, or have a suggestion, please let me know. I really want to return to playing games (but with better graphics) :)


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From: Arnold G on 05/07/2006
Ok nobody has noticed ALL the boards suffering this issue is Via chipset. and the FX5200. its been proven its VIA issue.
my fix 100% isolated.. i disable video bios caching and video ram shadowing and issue goes away im able to play games!

i didnt have to run riva tuner to fix issue. i went in bios and dissable this 2 things and voila!


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From: Javier on 06/14/2005
Hi guys, I also had that card (xfx n-vidia FX5200) and after a lot of suffering (XP windows crashed randomly, I had some artifacts now and then) I opted using a detonator driver with the riva tunner. I pushed the clock a little and so the mems... just a few Mhz. up, very little.
And also gave the agp 8x 2.6 volts instead of 2.5 (my mother allowed me to change that). I don't know exactly what did the trick or if it was a combination of everyghing but after that I had no problems whatsoever. It's just a little clocking so it shouldn't damage the hardware but You must be aware it can. And it will void your warranty. I only wanted to share this as it solved my problem.

First try the riva tunner alone and increment the clocks like 2 Mhz. at a time. then go for the agp volts if required.
Good luck!


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From: Pierz on 05/31/2005
I having problems with my geforce FX 5200 - its not bad usually: for some reason Hitman won't work, but everything else is fine. Here are some ideas for you to check:

change to recommeded bios settings at the nvidia site.
run at low res - this may just help lessen the cpu strain
q  Make sure the CD-ROM is clean (check for both scratches and smudges on the reading surface of the CD).

q  Make sure Virtual Memory is enabled on your system.

q  Run Scandisk.

q  Run Disk Defragmenter.

q  Make sure you do not have any Anti-Virus utilities (like Norton's AntiVirus) running resident prior to playing

q  Make sure you do not have any 3rd party Windows disk caching utilities running resident prior to playing

q  Make sure you do not have Norton's Crash Protector running resident prior to playing

q  Try uninstalling and then reinstalling the game.

and so on.

My direct draw test crashes in dxdiag. Most games run fine. Any ideas?


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From: Boere Klong on 06/09/2004
Mine had the same problem. I would boot, everything would be fine
until I tried to drag an icon or start a game. It would either freeze the pc or it would make themonitor go black.
The problem was with the installtion. The guy who installed it, didn't install it properly into the AGP slot, the whole backside was bent. So I took it out installed it properly and it has worked ever since.

_Boere Klong


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From: Xian on 05/25/2004
Same trouble here lol. seems this is becomming a pain in the a$$
my trouble was when i installed the video card it worked fine as a normal display adapter, but when i update the driver with nvidias (online and the cdrom) it would crash. games won't work.

I then treid windows 98 & 2K and it works great, now and again i get a lock up, but at least i can use my pc!

its obvious its a windows xp problem.



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From: Praveen on 05/06/2004

I too am an owner of the MSI MS-StarForce GeForce FX 5200.
Up till now, I have had no problems. All the games are running fine.
Some of the games I have played are
NFS Underground
Unreal II
My system config is
P4 2.8GHz with HT
Intel 865 motherboard

Why don't you try upgrading your entire PC? Or buy a new one.


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From: Gameglitch on 05/05/2004
I think one of your guys main problems with your video card is that you dont have a big enough power supply to run it on your pc's. I have A gforce fx5200-td 128mb msi card on a 235watt power supply and it runs OK but its not a 100% perfect. It has some slowdown choppy probems from time to time but overall OK. I some how think that 235watts is the BARE MINIMUM for a power supply, depending on what alse is on your pc. The local computer shop person said that I can't put anything alse in my computer after this video card upgrade. Oh and you can use a 2.0 agp slot for this card and 4X agp. I looked at the specs.( I think maybe the 4x agp is what cut down the power requirements)Yes This card will work on a bad power supply if you are not makeing it work hard on a games and only on desktop use. (From what I can figure)

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From: John on 05/04/2004
I had a KT133a Chipset M/B, upon installing a FX5200 AGP card
i suffered freezes randomly at any time.
after installing rivatuner and disabling sideband adressing,
which was set as default(on)
the system was stable and push an overclock of 290/440 to
post 8,800 in 3D Mark 2001.

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From: Young on 04/13/2004
I bought geforce fx 5200 albatron few weeks ago, it worked fine then couple days late my cs started to lag and freeze i dont know how this happened i didnt over clock or did anything to it help?

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From: M.S. on 04/05/2004
I have an XFX Geforce MX 440 128 8X and played games fine on a 10GB HDD. As soon as I switched my HDD to a 40GB Maxtor, games froze about 60 sec in to them (Splinter Cell, Halo, Max Payne 2) CPU, mem temp reports OK. ANy ideas?

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From: Charles on 03/27/2004
Address your memory make sure they are cool put heat spreaders on them and always use good quality memory.

Open your case and allow air to circulate accross the memory and see if this prevent your freezes if so cool your memory by using heat spreaders. if not try different memory modules. this can get expensive so you might want to let a shop check it out for you if you can't get your hands on some different type of memory.

Hope this helps


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From: Tim on 03/16/2004
To all those still struggling with FX 5200 up - older mobos may not support these cards. My Abit kt7a won't because the 2x/4x agp 2.0 slot cannot supply the necessary voltage for agp 3.0 generation cards.

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From: Jason on 03/02/2004
i am experiencing crashing with Windows XP Professional on:

663AS Pro Mobo
Via KT133a
Geforce FX 5200 Graphics card
Via onboard integrated sound ac'97 controller drivers.
has Creative Webcam Pro camera installed and connected via 4-point USB hub.
also benq 5000E bed scanner installed and connected via 4-point USB hub.
also Logitech Wingman Gamepad connnected and installed via 4-point USB hub.
also alcatel speedtouch USB modem connected via 2nd usb port on back of pc.

Geforce FX 5200 with cooling fan, fan seems dead, connected but is dead, quite hot behind graphics cpu, maybe why pc is crashing???

any way of getting the cooling fan working again?

i turned off irq checking in bios, and i turned off ACPI.

it is still crashing a bit but not much now.

any advice?


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From: Levent on 02/28/2004
I have a freezing problem too. But this problem occurs random not while playing a game or not using 3D programme. Fortran, Word, Excell, Windows media player is enough to freeze. I dont think the problem comes from high temperature.
I have a trouble and If anyone knows where the problem comes, please say me.
Thank you.
MSI MS-StarForce GeForce FX 5200 (NVIDIA)
Motherboard: ASUS P4V800-X
Windows XP (English)
512 RAM

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From: Pemalite on 12/22/2003
Amd Athlon XP 2000+
512MB of DDR Ram
20gb Seagate 8mb cache
AudioExcel AV512 6 channel sound.

There is a problem with AMD chips and certain video cards.
it is because that the socket 7 boards have had a known compatability issue since the days of the early athlons.
to help elevate this problem disable sideband addressing which is one of the main suspects. or just update your motherboard bios.


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From: joe on 11/14/2003
I have a MSI FX5200 card that freezes up during game play, in games it freezes up at a certain point in some games i have played, Unreal Tournament GOTY and Italien job,

system specs
Athalon 2100+
Gygabyte 7vax mb
Windows XP Pro
20 gb ata 133 maxtor
msi geforce fx5200
256 MB DDR

is it because i have a athalon?


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From: Danimal on 11/11/2003
I am having same problem. I freeze when loading any 3d type game. I have tried isolating video on its own irq, reinstalling games, new drivers. I just built my new machine, and used my old GF 4200 and 1700 athlon to build my wife a second pc. I have yet to run any games on hers. A couple of times I got BSOD with nv4_mini.sys in error. Deleted them, reinstalled drivers, no luck
The setup-
Biostar M7VIT Pro mobo, 1700 Athlon xp, 256 megs ddr, 350 watt PS(cannot be ps because my other pc only has 300 and it ran with it for a long while)

I really hope someone figures this out, I want to run servers on her pc... :)



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From: Dennis on 09/18/2003
You know, I have exactly the same problem as you describe, with my MSI card but only on an ECS MoBo.

Yeah, I had a MSI geForce3 TI-200 that would freeze up with every game although I could open applications like Notepad and Word without a problem. I did the following and Video still crashed. Funny though, I didn't have any problem with getting the card set up, it just doesn't want to perform even the simplist of complex functions.

Athlon 850 Socket A
ECS K7VZA ver. 3.0 MoBo (6.1a BIOS ver I think)
384 MB PC133 RAM
SBLive X-Gamer SC
45 GB Maxtor ATA100
Cendyn CD-RW
There is more, but you catch my drift...Budget, budget, budget

*Changed Settings in BIOS
*Progressively updated Detonators only after using the Drivers that MSI recommended using for KT133 Mobo.
*I updated directX to 8.a (?) and then to 9.0.
*Changed display from 3D to DirectDraw
*Made numerous changes in the advanced display settings.
*Formatted C:\ and reinstalled Win98 with only AGP and IDE's installed according to the AMD site. Once installed properly, I installed the rest of the hardware.
*Installed older versions of VIA 4in1's and nVidia's and worked up from there.

That was two years ago and the Vid card cost me $170 bucks back then. I just recently bought another Mobo (BioStar M7VIT Pro) and hoping that I will be able to use that Vid card on this Mobo (Maybe it was just a compatibility issue). Unfortunately, I had to RMA the Mobo because it wouldn't recognize any AGP cards, so it will still be awhile before I will find out anything.

Keep us posted if you find out anything, eh?


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From: Weeyum on 09/15/2003
I understand that there is a conflict with AMD and some videocards. I have an ATI 64mg Fury Max that will not run with my: Rage Fury Maxx 64mb
663AS Ultra motherboard
VIA KT-133A chip set
AMD 900
Windows 98

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From: Gunther on 09/14/2003
I am having a similar problem with the MSI Fx 5200 TDR board on my AMD-IWILL combo. SOme other boards are talking about it too. If I do not resolve this within a week, I am gonna return this POS.

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