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From: Michelle on 08/08/2003
I recently purchased a DVD Recorder and decided to install it myself.
I followed the instructions and since I already have 2 other drives DVD player and CDRW taking up two other slots, I attached my new dvd recorder to my hard drive, since the instruction manual suggested so.
So, I attached to cable to the Hard drive, made sure my dvd recorder was setup to be the "slave" and I didn't touch any setting on the hard drive. I closed up the computer case and then proceeded to turn on my computer after I plugged everything in. The computer was booting and then it froze while booting. I tried a couple more times and the same thing happened. So I opened my computer and again put everything "back" to the way it was before. This time when I turned on my computer. The following messages popped up on my screen.

Boot Failure

-floppy not found
_cd rom not found
_network ok

Or it's looking for a boot disk on :A

How do I get Windows XP HOME Edition to load. Is it still on my computer??? Or is everything lost?




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From: Richard on 09/11/2003
Don't forget to check the BIOS settings for what boots, and HD detection.
It may be possible that you lost the boot sector on the HD, just boot from your XP install CD (somehow) and see how that goes.

You may be able to use this free rescue disk to manipulate files that windows won't let you touch. It has all sorts of cool tools and may even help fix bad sectors or recover files.


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From: David on 09/04/2003
My guess as to why it's not booting *now* is that in removing the DVD recorder, you unplugged the flat gray cable (IDE cable) from the hard drive and so now it can't boot from it. Double-check that the cable is plugged in firmly.

As for your other problem, you might want to check to see that your hard drive is set to be a master. If it's set to Cable select, it might not be figuring out that it's supposed to be master.



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