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 illegal operation winword invalid page fault in mo Post a Reply  
From: steve on 07/04/2002
The following illegal operation has started to appear on one of our pc's when first asked to print "winword invalid page fault in module 0000:88078946"

Any tips would be appreciated




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From: SS on 03/16/2003
Have a similar intermittent problem. Running Office 2000 on Windows 2000 with PC Docs 3.8.2. When printing or saving or sometimes when no documents are open at all winword.exe "winword.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows. You will need to restart the program." error occurs.

Dr Watson error log "Application exception occurred:
App: (pid=924)
When: 2/18/2003 @ 16:05:29.421
Exception number: c0000005 (access violation)"

Have tried basically every thing is microsoft knowledge base and no luck. Temp files are deleted regularly. Any suggestions?


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From: steve on 07/09/2002
I'm running office 97 and windows 95, but the printer that i'm printing to is on a windows 2000 pc. The problem seems to only occur when i request the first print off the day. Once the PC has been restarted it will print fine for the rest of the day.

Hope this helps!


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From: Computerpilot on 07/09/2002

On your Windows 2000 PC, you should have the option to install numerous drivers for different versions of Windows. This is a great option so you can simply connect to the printer in the network neighborhood on the Windows 95 PC and have the correct driver.

If you did not install the printer this way, then you will need to be sure you have the correct printer driver installed on your Windows 95 PC for the printer (windows 95 printer driver).

When you say you are restarting the PC and it works, which PC are you referring to? The Windows 2000 or Windows 95 PC?

Are you using TCIP or NETBEU as your networking protocol? I would stick to TCIP if you can, however, this could create a conflict.

This should give you a few extra things to take a look at. Feel free to post back and maybe I can get a little more specific about your situation with the addition information you give.



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From: Computerpilot on 07/08/2002
Do you have any VBA/Macros running in your document? Also, it has been known that large tables can sometimes create invalid page faults in Word 2000. However, I really don't have enough information to give an accurate assessment to your problem.

The closest match I could come up with is the possibility that you are using a hidden numbering format in a table or listing. Try this to fix your problem:


1)After you type the last item in your numbered list, press ENTER.

2)On the blank numbered line, click Bullets and Numbering on the Format menu.

3)On the Numbered ( Outline Numbered ) tab, click None , and then click OK .

To format numbering as hidden, do the following:

1)On the Format menu, click Bullets and Numbering .

2)On the Numbered tab, click the number format you want and click Customize .

3)In the Customize Numbered List dialog box, click Font .

4)On the Font tab, select the Hidden check box and click OK .

NOTE : The Hidden check box will be selected but dimmed by default. Click to select the check box.

5)Click OK to close the Customize Numbered List dialog box.

This is all assuming you are running Word 2000, which we do not know.

Another option for you is to do an Office 2000 Repair. Do not Reinstall unless the repair does not work. Just enter your Office 2000 disk (or Word 2000 disk) and it will prompt you with an option to do a repair.

Hope this helps. Feel free to post back with more information and I might have another solution for you.



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