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From: Shawn on 08/07/2003
well whenever that I restart my computer i get a message saying that my hal.dll is missing or corrupt (I performed a check so i know it's not missing). I've tried fixing the problem as suggested by many various sites such as;en-us;330184
but I always get stuck at one step: going to the "recovery console",
I need the windows welcome/loading screen in order to get to the recovery console, but when I restart i can nver reach that point, I have a windows xp CD and a boot disk, right now if i use the boot disk I can go to dos, this is as far as I've been able to get, do you have any solutions?

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From: John on 08/10/2003
You could fix this problem by 2 ways:

1. Re-install the o/s. (Only if you have a previous o/s disks (e.g. 98, 95 or ME!) This can be done by booting up from your boot disk and when at the command prompt type:

'Format C:' (Where C: is the drive letter.)

You will then get a message asking if your sure, just perss 'Y'. Then once its done put in your (Win 98, 95, ME) cd and switch to your CD-ROM drive (Remembering that everything after C: moves up once as it uses D: as RAM) Now type 'Setup' and follow the on screen instructions. (You can access Win XP setup from DOS, but every copy i've seen keeps crashing!) Then once Windows is installed put the Xp cd in and click 'Install Windows Xp'

2. Download a fresh copy of the DLL file. Goto and download the file. You will need Winzip ( open the file. Then place it in the original file's location replacing the old one.


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