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From: naaz on 08/03/2003
please,someone help.......
when i boot my laptop i get the message 'insert disk in drive' and 'press any key'. i cannot access anything. is there any way to retrieve the information frommy c drive?

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From: Tammy on 08/12/2003
If you have a windows 98 boot up disk use it, to get to the C prompt, when there first run the scan disk to check the drive, then type in format (space)c: no back slash!. it will format the whole drive after that re install your windows.

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From: John on 08/10/2003
If you have a boot disk then load up using that then at the command prompt type:


Then depending on what things to want to do:

DIR - Lists all files/folders.
COPY (filename e.g. C:\GAMES\logo.jpg D:\logo.jpg) - Copys a file/folder to another location.

Then you could try to format it. (As long as you've backed everything up!)


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