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From: Kathy on 07/29/2003

I trying to help a friend install a HP Scanner and Printer on a Gateway with Windows ME. The printer loaded fine but the scanner gave me a error message that said the scanner would not load on this version of windows. Soooo I went to Hp's website and downloaded the updated drivers for the scanner for Windows Me. Well, when I restarted their computer it restarted to a Blue Screen with the Error message Windows Protection Error Restart Computer System Halted. I tried restoring to the last successful startup but it wouldn't do it. I feel horrible and I have search Microsoft and the web. I have seen many people with Me problems but none specific to this one. Any help??? I am desperate.



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From: PaulAlexander on 08/06/2003
Hi Cathy,

I believe is pointless to try to install the HP Scanner CD Software!
If I'm right the HP scanner you're dealing is one of the type series 4150 models.
Apparently, Microsoft has acknowledged that "Precision Image Software" LT provided within the HP installation CD can not be recognised by Windows Me in particular.
The installation could be carried out under a different Win OS.

A Solution to the problem is to utilise WIA (Windows Image Acquisition" Software provided by the WinMe itself.
Please trace WIA in Microsoft support centre and in particular in the one dealing specifically with WinMe.
There you'll be able to trace the article related to your problem.
Sorry for not having the Microsoft link at hand to include it in this post!
I wish you luck! I'm certain the solution is there.


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