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 Irregular black screen using the Internet and Exce Post a Reply  
From: muppet on 07/29/2003
Help! This is driving me crazy now. I am running Windows 98 SE, 800MHz AMD Duron processor with 128MB RAM. It crashes randomly when on-line with a black screen and won't respond to anything except for pressing the reset button. When I reset the PC I am prompted to press the F1 key during boot up as the date/time needs to be reset (each time it has reverted back to Jan 1980!!). The crashes seem random although it seems to happen in Excel and when on-line (and can happen in exactly the same place on a web page). I've had a look around for ideas and I'm sure that it's not heat as the temp is always just under 40 degrees. Any ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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