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From: Deon36 on 07/26/2003
Here's one I've never had before.

I got an old 633 mhz celeron emachine ( uhg ). it was working fine. I had reloaded it then put it aside. All was well. One morning I decided to load in a vuris scan but when I tunred it on all i get is the emachine splash stays there. no boot , no nothing, I've tried reseting the cmos, replacing the batery, unpluging all hardware and trying new ones ( keyboard, fdd, vid card, HD, cables, ETC, ETC....
When i try to access the bios it shows ENTERING SETUP at the bottom of the splash screen and again it stays there...Completely freezes up. Keyboard becomes unusable. I hafto to shut it down by pressing the power button.

Diagnosis...fried mainboard?


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From: Eddy on 09/13/2003
Have you tried a new power supply or new ram, or better yet get a copy of microscope or a demo version of PC certify from you will need to request a demo,
these two progs run from floppy and are their own proprietry operating system If its hardware thats the issue either one will find it although microscope is the best no demo exists and it costs about 15k :) so you better know someone with a copy.
If I was to guess I would say a power supply is all you need to replace.
Good Luck

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From: JD on 08/01/2003
Try reseating CPU. Many systems I work on lock at the splash logo.

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