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From: Jason on 07/07/2003
I have the Asus a7n8x deluxe motherboard and have been experiencing lots of random reboots. So many, that this weekend I've formatted my harddrive and started from scratch. I'll give you a basic run down of what I have on my system.
CPU: AMD Barton 2500+ Retail
Video Card: ATI 8500 DV
Case: Antec Sonata with 320 Watt PSU
HD: Western Digital 120Gb
Memory: 512 2700 DDR from PNY and Crucial (1GB total)
CD: 52x Lite On CD-RW

After doing a fresh install I am still getting periodic random reboots and it is driving me mad! I get the blue screen of death and it references Stop Error 0x000000c5. I'm not sure if the problem is with the bios, memory, video card, or possibly a bad mother board. Any help with known conflicts or suggestions would be of great help.


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From: Haitao on 09/17/2003
I experenced the similar problem. But, after I unplug an old PCI modem, the problem seems gone. BTW, the memory may be another cause. Try use different slots to see if it'll help. Good luck!

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From: mike on 09/15/2003
not an answer - but I am getting the same problem. Cannot go 15 minutes without a reboot.

did you find a solution? will you send it to me




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