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 problem is searching for boot record Post a Reply  
From: dance 1040 on 07/05/2002
can come one help me plea

windows 98 sec.

problem is searching for boot record from floppy : not found.
searching for boot record from cd rom : not found.
searching for boot record from scsi : not found.

can some one help me plea
that dust is mind

big thank you.


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From: scott on 10/05/2008
I have the same issue and i tried doin what you said and still get the same problem. Computer was working fine til it froze, couldnt ctrl+alt+del so i had to power off from tower and ever since keep getting cdrom and floppy not found

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From: Computerpilot on 07/08/2002

This is set up in your BIOS. Eventually, you should get to your hard disk and get your computer started normally, correct?

If not, you need to enter your setup (varies by computer) right after you power up. You may want to employ someone that knows a little more than you about computers. Change the settings so that it searches your Floppy, then CDROM, then hard drive device. I am not sure if you have a SCSI drive installed. This is not usual for home computers so I would think you need to change the setting to IDE 0 or primary hard drive (again, depending on the computer).

Make sure that there are no disks in your CDROM or Floppy drive during bootup. The computer is set to scan this after startup.

If you are not able to get your computer to boot, then you need to post this back to me so that I can get you step-by-step instructions on how to get back in. It is also possible that your Master Boot Record of your hard drive is damaged if this is the case and you followed my previous instructions.

Hope this helps.



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