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 An Exception OE has occurred at 0028:C18315A7 in V Post a Reply  
From: Raymie on 06/30/2003
Hi I got a blue screen error problem everytime i install a DVD it comes up, Im using a Compaq Presario 5446 with Windows ME and this is the error i get can you help thanks.

An Exception OE has occurred at 0028:C18315A7 in VxD scsi1hlp(03) + 00000527.
This was caused from 0028:C1831590 in VxD scsi1hlp(03) + 00000510.


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From: David on 07/31/2003
Hey I was getting same problem with Windows 98Se using the Compaq restore disc. I have since installed Windows 2000 professional. It includes all necessary drivers and the problem has not happened so far. I only have hard drive on pri ide as master and dvd-rom on sec ide as csel. No problems so far. Hope this helps

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