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From: Stalflare on 06/27/2003
Hi everyone,
I am running XP Pro (sp1)on a P42,8Ghz, 512Mb Ram (2x256), Gigabyte 8SQ800, 2 Hd, DVD rom, Cd RW, Hercules 9500 Pro 128mb.
So far everything was ok, apart from the fact that my USB port wasn't working properly (it was "disconnetting" the devices while I was using them - mouse and joypad)but I managed to solve the problem using the other two ports that come with the Mboard and are installed separately..
Anyways while installing the new ATI drivers something went massively wrong and I had to re-install Windows. So far no big deal.
The installation went perfect, it boots the first time, i start installing the new drivers (GPU, Audio etc etc). Of course I have to reboot several times, the first time that I reboot, I remove the XP cd from the drive and I get this error "missing or corrupted hal.dll".
I start swearing :)- in the last two days this is what I have done:
1. Re-partitioned and re-installed windows, also from a cd that I borrowed from a friend (just in case mine was screwed)
2. I don't have a dual boot system ( I found many resources on the internet about this hal.dll but all point to a problem with the boot.ini)
3. I have even tried to copy the hal.dll from my laptop (to no avail)
4. I have checked all the hardware if it was correctly in place (it was

But the nicest thing has to come. If I leave the XP cd (both mine and my friend's) IT BOOTS TO WINDOWS NORMALLY!!!!
I really don't know what to do, if I install all the drivers I don't get any error.. Please somebody help me this computer is brand new and I am getting a bit upset...

Thanks for your time!

Bye bye

Stalflare (


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From: light bulb on 08/30/2003
There is only one fix to this problem that i found to work for me on my seagate 60GB 7200rpm hard disk. with a K7N2 motherboard and XP 2200" cpu. It is not a windows problem at all, it is in the hard disk boot sector and DOS "logical" partition. Using a windows 98 Fdisk delete ALL partitions "logical" and "DOS".
After doing so insert your microsoft xp disk and when you come to the format options format the entire disk using NTFS "new technology file system", later on you may use a program such as partition magic "findable on kazaa" to format a certain part for FAT32, why you would want to i have no idea, but you can do it. This worked for me after countless hours of playing mad scientist with a new machine i just put together, fortunately i had a 10gb with win98 se, so i could use it to get my on the net to search for solutions.NONE of the net solutions worked, infact some were just moronic and a waste of retinal muscle usage. Also please keep in mind deleting your hard disks manufactures boot and DOS partitions will render your hard disk useless untill you install windows XP and format the disk. but if you can't get windows to boot off of it because of the hall.dll then screw it, FORMAT. "light bulb"

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From: wugz on 06/27/2003
try looking in here if you havent already :)


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