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From: Edward on 06/18/2003
I have a laptop with an 800mgz celeron, 312m RAM, 10 GIG harddrive and am running Windows ME. Recently, I have been having random system freezes, followed by a blue screen that reads, "cannot write to disk on C:". Preceding these freezes, my harrdrive will start running, then my CDROM light comes on. These events are random and can occur when the system is idle or running a program.

Along with this, 2 or 3 reboots are often necessary. These are sometimes accompanied by a blurred blue screen error reading the same as I listed above. I also noticed that my firewall was showing a program named "ICONNECT.EXE" on D:. D is my CDROM.

I have scanned the harddrive and come up with nothing. I have also been on the telephone with my computers tech support, but have come up with nothing to solve the problem. I am trying to not make any changes, until I get some solid information about the problem and how to fix it. Could it be a virus or a trojan program? COuld it have anything to do with System Restore?

Any help you may be able to offer is appreciated.


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