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From: Neil on 06/17/2003
After upgrading to a 667 MHz PIII and loading up with 512 Mb of PC-133 SDRAM, I had experienced repeated crashes, Blue Screens, and Fatal Exception errors (Win98SE). I tried all of the fixes that have been recommended: changing [vcache] settings in system.ini, turning off graphics acceleration in the Display/Performance tab, disabling write-behind caching in ControlPanel|System|Performance|File System|Troubleshooting, disabling the L2 cache in the BIOS setup and loading all the latest drivers for my motherboard and video card.

I had read that problems with faulty SDRAM can lead to Fatal Exception errors so I ran two different memory testing programs overnight with no errors detected. I tweaked here and there, and finally, just for kicks, I slowed the DIMM clock down to 100 MHz instead of 133 and lo and behold all of the problems went away.

I was able to undo all of the other changes made to the system and things still worked fine. For all of you having Fatal Exception OE errors in VxDs you might try this as a solution. Let me know if it helps.

For the record I have:

Tekram P6Pro-A+ motherboard jumpered to 133 MHz FSB and 5X clock speed
1 256 Mb and 2 128 Mb SDRAM chips (different brands)
Jaton 3D-Force B-32 AGP video card
667 MHz PIII EB processor
Modem, Ethernet card, Sound card and MadDog 52X CD-RW


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