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From: Tom on 06/17/2003
When i try to boot up my computer i get an error message saying "we appologise for the inconveniance, but windows did not start successfully. A recent hardware or software change might have caused this."

Then I am asked to choose between safe mode, normal mode, last working configuration.. etc. When I choose anyone one of these the computer will just freeze after i press enter or the timer runs down. I left it for 12 hours and nothing happened and i have tried with every mode only to get the same problem.

What can I do?


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From: cheeseman on 09/08/2003
Hello? What Windows are you running (if at all), and what brand of computer do you have? You need to provide all the detailed info. in order to assure positive and eager feeddback. When you don't write down this important information, we instinctly may assume that the message that your screen gives you, may ALSO not be exactly what it's giving you, or that you didn't write down exactly everything on that monitor screen to tell us.

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