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From: Matt on 06/12/2003
I've had an ongoing problem with my computer for a while now. There are a variety of symptoms that I beleive stem from the same problem.

Firstly, my computer randomly resets itself. It's not a crash as such, because it sounds/looks exactly the same to if I were to press the reset button on front of the case.

The next problem is the most serious. Sometimes when it crashes, the hard drive becomes corrupt. Sometimes it won't restart at all, and sometimes it displays 'Starting Windows 98', which is strange, since I have Windows XP installed! After which, it refuses to start up. Each time this, or a similar problem has arisen, I've had to format my hard drive and reinstall everything from scratch.

Another problem is with my USB ADSL adapter. It periodically loses power, and shuts down. After which it turns back on again.

My first ideas was with the power supply, although there was a time when it coped prefectly, with the same hardware. Anyway I disconnected all non-essential devices from within my computer, but 10 minutes ago, it still reset itself. My next idea was with the heat. But the air inside the case is noticably cooler than room temperature. At this point, and this late at night, my inspiration runs out.

Has anyone got any ideas at all?

Main Hardware:

AMD Athlon XP 1600+
Gigabyte 7DX-R MB
512mb DDR RAM
Geforce 3 TI500


Matt Kowalski


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From: Matt Kowalski on 06/18/2003
I eventually discovered that the hard drive has bad sectors on it. I replaced that, along with the motherboard, processor and PSU. It was time to upgrade anyway, so hopefully I've killed two birds with one stone.

Answering your question, each time I reinstalled everything, I used a system disk, and allowed the Windows setup to repartition/reformat.


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From: Adam on 06/13/2003
When you installed WINXP did you use a WIN98 boot disk to fdisk and format your drive? Sounds almost as if you might have used the format c: /s /q or similar command to clean your drive.

If there is nothing of major importance on your HDD, try booting directly from the XP disk and using it to format and start fresh( assuming you have winxp full edition cd)


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