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 PLEASE HELP ! ADS aren't loading !Page display Post a Reply  
From: Lois on 06/04/2003
I have an Intel Pentium 111 , Windows 98 , In different sites , the advertisements are blank , missing , I can get the the pogo site but the rooms wont load , The advertisment is missing and it just loads and loads , It ends up with a page cannot be displayed in the ads place .I found ads missing in other sites also .I tried uninstalling java and reinstalling , no help . I'm running IExplorer 6.0.I discovered an error message Windows/System/SHDOCLC.DLL.htm . Can anyone help ?

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From: Donna on 06/16/2004
Here to this is getting crazy i want to play the games but can't get the room to load Pogo need to help asap

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