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From: Brett on 05/23/2003
I am running the following machine..

AMD Athlon(tm) Processor
73% system resources free
Windows-managed swap file on drive C (12821MB free)
Available space on drive C: 12821MB of 19055MB (FAT32)

Microsoft Windows 98 SE

When i select Disk Defrag from the System tools menu i get the error message..
"your computer doesnt have enough free memory to defrag this drive"

I also get the same error message if i try to run scandisk.
Rebooting or turning the machine off make no difference.


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From: MikeC on 06/21/2003
Sorry, should have proof-read before posting.

I meant "You can go with Norton utils *** OR *** reformat and re-install ..."


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From: MikeC on 06/21/2003

The problem has to do with cluster size. For FAT32, there is a "standard" cluster size (upto 32K) that is determined by the disk (or partition) size. Win98 installs and runs well with other cluster sizes but ScanDisk and Defrag give this misleading message. You can go with Norton utils and reformat and re-install and restore from backup (ouch.)

Third-party tools like Acronis OS Selector can resize clusters without having to re-install fully. But you better have a full backup and a Win98 boot floppy before you try them. I used Acronis OS Selector 5 for this same problem last month.



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From: jase on 05/23/2003
hi there

you may find that when your computer is booting up its loading a lot of applications as well. If you go to msconfig, you will see from the startup tab what is actually being started by your computer each time you boot.

My advice is to boot the pc into safe mode and then run defrag, this way any programs like antivirus's and firewalls etc will not be loaded, you will have enough free resorces to run defrag.

Defrag will copy amounts of data into memory and then place it back onto the hard drive.

Once bit of advive before you do run defrag is to run scandisk from dos prompt and also scanreg/fix to make sure that the data you are reorganising is clean from errors.



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