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 Blue-screen Error message on startup: "Fatal Post a Reply  
From: Dan on 05/23/2003

When I startup my computer (IBM Thinkpad 600e Win98)I get the above message whenever windows starts to load (it will load in safe mode, but not in normal). After I hit a key the screen then goes black. Any idea what happened, and how I fix it? If you have any ideas please email as i've posted this on a number of support boards and wont remember which ones to check. Thanks



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From: jase on 05/23/2003
Hi there

Seeing that you have said that your computer boots ok into safe mode is an important factor to the problem,

Go to start, programs,accessories,system tools,system information
and go to tools menu and choose the 'system configuration utility'.

Uncheck the processing of win.ini, system.ini and load startup group items. When you've done this click on to apply and then restart the pc. Let the pc boot into normal mode...did it make it without the B.S.
(BLUE SCREEN) if not then e-mail me on

if you did then go back to the system config utility and check the system.ini file and then reboot the pc, if you did boot ok then check the win.ini file and reboot the pc, keep this up until you find the error occuring again.

If you get the error in say for example win.ini then you can click onto the win.ini tab and uncheck sections of the win.ini file until you find the problem...get the drift...

Once you find the problem you can e-mail me and we can help you some more...



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From: Dan on 05/23/2003
Oops...guess my title was too long

The blue screen error message that I get on startup as windows tries to load says "A Fatal Exception has occurred at 017F:BFF56EDF. The current application will be terminated."



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