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From: Chris on 05/14/2003
I connected my problem drive (XP problem) to another computer that is running XP with a fat32 file system.. It recognizes the drive, but it says it is empty and it has no partition whatsoever.. I know its still ok because when I try to boot from it it still says that windows is there but the hal.dll is missing.. so how come my new XP computer cannot see this drive at all? I tried everything from norton disk doctor to other software and nothing works, the drive is not accessible "paramaters are incorrect" when I try to "see" into it. I really cannot format this drive (should have backed it up, i know) but i am sure the drive is fine, just the hal.dll file is missing and furthermore i cannot access it.. should I convert the original drive to fat32 as well so that this XP can see it?

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From: Jase on 05/15/2003

A system which is configured to use an NTFS file system is not veiwable via a system configured to use FAT32 file system. NTFS is a file system that has many enhanced propeties, one of them is the security side of the system by not being compatable with fat32.

If you have 3 drives


The following will occur when trying to view C:\ with a windows disk or windows 95/98/ME/2k OS or XP setup on a FAT32 file system...


I have read the rest of your this

put the hard drive back into the computer it came from and put your windows XP CD into the computers cd rom drive and boot off the cd.

You may have to configure the BIOS to boot from the CD ROM first before you can access the CD.

Let the cd run as normal, and you will get to an option press 'R' to enter the recovery consol.

Press 'R' and then press 1 for your default windows configuration and then type int he administrators password or press enter if tou have not assigned a password to the administrator.

You should drop into C:\windows

This is not like MS-DOS its totally different but you use the consol like a dos session.

If you type 'help' you will get a string of commands on the left hand side of the screen.

Type in Chkdsk<space>/p

this will scan the hard drive for errors on the system partition.

when you have done this type exit and then reboot the pc if it does'nt do it for you...

Boot from the windows cd again and choose to repair the windows installation via a re-install of windows.

Have you product key code ready at hand you will probably need to have it at hand.(25 character product code).

Choose to install in the same partition as windows is installed in and don't try to format the drive use the config that is already set up in the drive.

Let the setup run and you should be able to access windows again as per normal.



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