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From: David on 05/14/2003
do any know what this error message mean: Invalid page fault in (unknown) module at 0000:606045df or mdule at 0000:10025de0?



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From: Jase on 05/14/2003

can you boot into safe mode,? if you can then go to system configuration utility in system information and uncheck the system.ini and win.ini files and reboot the pc.

Can you get into windows in normal mode?
If you can then the problem is with a driver or file in one of these ini files. You can use a trial and error approach by going back to System Config utility while you are in normal mode and look for the win.ini and system.ini "tabs".

When you click on these tabs you will have the option to delve deeper into the two ini files. Check five boxes at a time on each file and reboot the pc. Keep doing this until you reach the problem.

Also go into msconfig and uncheck all programs under the startup tab.

You can also use the windows startup menu and choose step by step configuration to track down issues with the pc not booting correctly.

You can always remove all drivers from device manager and reboot the pc and re-install all your drivers.

The message does not point to a particular file so you will have to pull out all stops in order to track down the problem.

Also consider Reseating your memory modules...



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