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From: Alex on 05/05/2003
I get the error "A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0187:BFF8AB97"
when I startup my Windows 98SE machine. Anyone have any ideas as to what that means? It happens very often when i boot my machine.
Thank you.


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From: Chuck on 06/19/2003
Hi! I too get a "Fatal Exception OE...0187:BFF8AB97" but it has only occurred recently since buying a new stick of memory. I went from 256 to 512 pc133. I was told at the computer store that the more inexpensive stick might not be completely compatible with my motherboard and if not I would have to upgrade to the more expensive double sided stick (chips on both sides). Have you recently put more memory in or reformatted and reloaded Windows? Good luck!

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