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From: Samuel on 05/03/2003
I am in the U.K and have managed to download AOL 8.0. I am having problems connecting using my BT Voyager Broadband Modem. I can connect using normal dial up without trouble. Could you please help me with any information that would solve this problem.

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From: jase on 05/04/2003
As a rule your broad band should automatically connect once it has picked up the device. If you are using a standard 56k modem, disable this device and then remove the dialup networking settings from your pc. Write down the settings just in case you want to revert to dialup.
Reboot the pc and check that the standard modem is disabled ok in device manager.

Now run the networking wizard in accessories\communications\network setup wizard...

Choose the device whether its the usb or ethernet connection and then try to connect to the net.

Give us a shout if you have a prob on

P.S. me is uk to :0)


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