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From: Jared on 04/29/2003
I just reinstalled windows 98 second edition. Everything works great except for 1 thing. My computer doesn't have 256 color anymore! It only has 2 and 16 colors. Some one please help me.

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From: josh on 08/24/2003
i also experiencing that pproblem now!
i am deleting files
i have uninstalled a program...
then the system says "DO you want to restart?"
then i restarted my pc...
then after it loads....
i saw my screen with a different color comparing to the original...
it seems that my color pallet runs 16 color only...
the 256 colors was gone...
how can i change my color pallete to 256 colors if i dont have a 256 color from the menu?

please help us emmidiately...



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From: Bob on 04/30/2003
That's probably a video card driver or the monitor you selected at install issue. Normally stock win installs a default driver, you should try to find your video driver install disk or go to the manuf. site and download the driver and try to install that. You probably did that when you first got the computer and just forgot.
keep those disks in a little box just for this type of thing.
Control panel -- monitors and click around to figure it out.


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