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From: Alex on 04/29/2003
I have a Compaq Presario 5202 with 4 gig hard drive. It came paritioned into 2 drives C: D:. D: has mirror programs of C:. Compaq diagnostics has a quick restore button to bring it backto its virgin condition. I want to use the space on the D: drive.
Is it okay to do that? How to do it? What about lost drivers, Win 98, and all other supporting software? All I have is a "Compaq restore cd" which has the win 98 and other software on it.
I have reformatted the drive and it ends up in two drives.
Can you help?

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From: Jase on 05/04/2003

Best thing to do here is to add a new drive, other wise you could clear down the partition and add it to your c:\ drive. Make sure you realise that once you remove the conetents of the partition you will have lost them for ever.

You can however ghost to a cd the contents of d:\ and have them saved by but i don't think that you can do much with it afterwards.

Its a risk you need to decide on but if your system goes tits up then you have no backup, so dot his:

Get a copy of norton ghost and make a ghost boot disk...
Copy the contents of c:\ to a frw cd-r and you have a backup copy of c:\. Make sure to run scandisk before you backup the system so that you have a clean system when you re load after a crash...

You can then clear down the partiton with out any worries




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