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 Monitor appears blank but cpu is not in standby Post a Reply  
From: Damian on 04/25/2003
Yesterday ran into an issue: computer was on, monitor appeared blank as if it was in standby, but the monitor light was still green. Un/re plugged the monitor pwr and monitor cables, no change
(but when the montior cable to the cpu was unplugged, the monitor light DID turn amber at that point.)
Restarted the system, it came up fine. Checked pwr settings, all set to never turn anything off, never standby / hibernate. Tossed the machine into standby just to check - the monitor DID turn amber at that point.

I've ran into this issue twice and we have no idea what's causing it.

System: ~1G Mhz, 128MB Ram, Win2k.

Any thoughts would be appreciated! :)



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From: Bob on 04/30/2003
This may be normal. You can send a good video signal as total blank to a monitor and it should think everything is OK, it's just a black screen, but sync is OK so it's not actually "standby" sort of signal.
Probably set up a screen saver in control panel -- monitors and all will be happy.

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