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From: Tom on 04/23/2003
I want to know if anyone else has come across this specific error message which I think is related to the new modem I have installed:

"A fatal exception error 0E has occurred at 0028:C161938E in VXD AMOS(01) + 0001309E. The current application will be terminated."

The computer is a Siemens PC with an Intel Celeron 266Mhz processor running Win98. I have installed a new 56K SwannSmart II Conexant chipset internal modem which carashes the system when I go into the control panel, modems, select the modem, go to the diagnostics tab and then click on "More Info". This is when the blue screen pops up with the error message. Basically, the modem and computer can't talk to each other which sort of makes it hard to get on the net! The virtual device driver file amos.vxd seems to be the cause of the problem but I am not sure how to fix it. Any ideas?


Tom (


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From: Ravindran.k on 04/02/2004
Hey!! I just stumbled over this link:

May not be that helpful :(


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From: George on 07/06/2003
I have hadnearly the exact same problem, but dop not have a modem -- I use an ethernet NIC for a cable internet connection. . .

Here's the exact message on the blue scvtreen of death:


A fatal excepton 0E has occurred at 0028:C29AE239 in VXD PCIMP(01) + 00001BF9. The current application will be terminated.


So I really don't know WHAT is the problem -- I found your message while tracking it down & just thought I'd pop in to at least rule that(your modem) out for you. . . :)

I have an intel Pentium III (500Mhz) cpu on an Asus 100Mb mainboard
128Mb RAM
Windows' managed swapfile on a separate 2gig partition (D:) created especially for such
30gig HDD 6gig for C: with Windowes installed there.
Running Windows 98 (4.10.1998)

Was running email (Pegasus freemail) Internet Explorer (5.5) & Netscape Navbiogator(4.61) at the time of the error; NS was playing a Shockwave (*.SWF) animation, IE was on a plain HTML page, & email was just sitting here doingh nothing.

Also was running Trillian instant messenger (not actively sending a msg, nor anything cvoming in sat the time of the crash)

Also running:

Popup Stopper (
Zone Alarm
AVG antivirus ( )

These are all normally running all day, when I'm active online(most of the day); except maybe not both browsers simultaneously all the time.

Any help would be much appreciated at gpope(at)shaw(dot)ca (modify email address accordingly, please) :)

This has been an ongoiong problem for a looong time! :(

No recent hardware changes, except plugging a Lexmark Z25-Z35 printer into what seems tto be a defunct USB onboard port, which I'll be replacing with a card in the next couplke days.


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From: yoyster on 04/23/2003
try right clicking on my computer and seeing which device is expanded, those devices usually are having problems, the modem if not reconized will say "pci communication device" or "unsupported device", you should try reinstalling the drivers or updating the drivers maybe even differnt drivers!! if none of these work i would say it's a hardware conflict with the modem itself 'cause your computer seemed to work before!!

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