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 Excel corrupting with different errors. Such as &# Post a Reply  
From: Andy on 04/23/2003
I am currently in the last stages of upgrading our servers to Windows 2000 and Active Directory. We still have one NT4 domain controller acting as a BDC in a mixed mode domain. However, as part of the project I had to relocate the file shares from the NT4 server to a Windows 2000 server as the NT4 server is to be re-built. Since I have done this we have had growing numbers of users experiencing corrupt Excel files, there seems to be no pattern to these corruptions! All users are on Office 2000 and the majority of all users have Win98(SE) as their OS. I have ran a CHKDSK on all partitions on the server and have ensured that the drives are not fragmented.
The W2K server is currently the PDC emulator for the domain and also holds the WINS and DNS datbases for the domain.

Any help would be appreciated.


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