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 ddhelp error messages in module GDI.EXE during Hot Post a Reply  
From: David on 04/21/2003
Windows ME, Dell Dimension 4100, IE6, 127mb, 56k modem

Q. How do I repair--or can I repair--constant "ddhelp GDI.EXE" error messages while typing emails in Hotmail (MSN6)?

I recently installed MSN8, then these errors began ("A GPF in module GDI.EXE has occured in 0001:0000737 or 0001:00007387"). I immediately UNinstalled MSN8 and MSN6, then reinstalled MSN6. No one had told me to disable Norton, so Norton and MacAffee "met" in my computer.

I then did a dirty (HP 3150 LaserJet printer remained hooked up to modem) reinstallation of ME, which didn't help. I spent hours and days reinstalling or updating years of Norton, Quick Time and other programs (NEATO, NERO). The problem persisted. I lost my printer driver, and had to have HP overnight me the CD to reinstall it.

Then, a Dell tech in India took me through a Font Driver Boot which took all night. My computer "passed" with flying colors, and proved it wasn't a font driver.

A Dell tech then strongly suggested I download Multimedia Flash, so a few days ago, I downloaded Shockwave. Still the same problem.

Some say "It's a video driver", but my Windows Media Player (I have uninstalled Quick TIme since) plays fine.

Again, this fatal error only comes up while I am typing an email in Hotmail/MSN. MSN is my ISP.

What to do? I've been advised that if I upgrade to XP, I should do a full version ($200) to get rid of Millenium. Other techs say that XP is not compatible with my Dell Dimension 4100 and that if I bring in the full XP, within three weeks, I'll have soundcard, driver and other problems. Still others swear by XP.

Thank you.



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From: Hossein on 08/19/2003
You have corupted Registery Save all your data delete window and reinstall clean window it will solve your problem

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