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From: Kizzi on 04/18/2003
When starting up my PC, i occasionally get a blue screen with the following message.

A fatal exception OE has occured at 017f bff8ab97

Any ideas what is causing this message ?
Any help or advise would be greatly appreciated
Many thanks


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From: Jase on 04/18/2003
It could be a number of problems, I would recommend you try booting windows into safemode first and see if you get the problem.

If not then its probably a driver or file related to an application that is causing the problem.

If you go into System information and into system configuration utility, uncheck the win.ini and system.ini files and boot windows normally.

See if the problem occurs...If not then enable processing of win.ini file and boot normally. If problem comes back then you need to look at the win.ini configuration and see where the problem is comming from by using the system configuration utility win.ini tab, uncheck all in the file and boot windows after each check and try to isolate the problem this way...

Good experience for You



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