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From: Les on 04/17/2003
My computer will not shut down. I just installed Microsoft Word and I think it may have something to do with it. I dont know why though. It gives me a black screen and says "press enter to continue" I press enter and it does nothing. Help!

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From: Cathy on 05/02/2003
I started having trouble with shutdown also....the "Information Services" guy at work said I might have too many items checked in my START UP menu. I unchecked a couple of things....and now have no problems with shutdown! You can try this:
1. go to start button on toolbar
2. click run
3. type in Msconfig and enter
4. under the general tab check SELECTIVE START UP
5. Click on the SYS CONFIG tab
6. the only items I have checked are:
script blocking
scheduling agent
sys tray
scan reg
esoniqu mixer
cc app
You will have to then hit save or apply whatever it will have to restart the computer for it to take effect.

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From: Jase on 04/18/2003

Have you tried uninstalling Microsoft Word and then sutting down.
Also run scandisk to make sure you have no damaged clusters which may contain damaged important windows core files.



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