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From: arlene on 04/17/2003
Each time I try to open a .dot file I recently created, I get the winword.exe error message:

WINWORD caused an invalid page fault in
module WINWORD.EXE at 0187:3015db38.
EAX=01446b28 CS=0187 EIP=3015db38 EFLGS=00010212
EBX=14200030 SS=018f ESP=0062d020 EBP=0062d078
ECX=014468f0 DS=018f ESI=14200030 FS=34df
EDX=0000008e ES=018f EDI=01992fa0 GS=0000
Bytes at CS:EIP:
ff 73 70 33 f6 89 75 f4 89 75 f8 89 75 fc e8 33
Stack dump:
01992fa0 14200030 00000000 004e5304 03480000 82943218 82943144 0062d078 00000000 00000000 82943144 0062d078 7ff5d624 00000000 7ff596f5 00000000

Per the advise on this forum, I deleted my files but that did not solve the problem. My .doc files seem to open okay. I am running Norton antivirus. I have only one printer connected (I'm just a single desktop at home). It is a new Epson printer I connected about two months ago. Since all the forum advise seems to deal with people connecting/reconnecting laptops and people working off networks, I guess I'm just confused as to what files need to be deleted (do I look for a delete a file?) or what printer settings (network as default?) a simple user like me should change to correct this problem.

Any advise appreciated.


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