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 BSOD error 0E 018F BFFB018...UGH!! please help! Post a Reply  
From: Kelly on 04/14/2003
We are running Windows ME and have been crashing for 6 months now. Get BSOD almost every time we start, so have relied on just putting the computer into "stand by" and it usually runs okay. My hubby totally re-booted the computer 3 times and it has not solved the problem...any ideas??
Thanks for your input!

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From: Slink on 04/17/2003

Can you boot the pc into safe mode. if you can chances are that you have a corrupt driver or a file being used by a program that normally runs in safe mode...

If you can use the pc in safemode then E-mail me on:

If not then still e-mail me :0)



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