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 Mouse and display hangs up after 2-4 min operation Post a Reply  
From: Dwight on 04/13/2003
I have just assembled my latest system,-Full Yes MB,AMD6-2 set at 250Mhz,114600 k memory, New bios chip,4.3 hard drive, Windows 98 SE.
The system Boots to Windows logo screen, and sometimes Desk top and then hangs. The display keeps showing but is still hung,ie, Key board, mouse, and moving display do not operate or move. I want to get the problem fixed and install another hard drive. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you

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From: Slink on 04/17/2003


Try these for good measures

1. Scan your system from a boot disk for any bad or damaged clusters
2. Rebuild the system registry.
3. Boot into safemode and see if the problem persists..If so look at
booting into normal mode without system.ini + win.ini being loaded.
4. uncheck all in msconfig under startup and try to find the problem
through trying each settings....


E-mail me on


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