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From: mandy on 04/11/2003
that is the titile of my new error. In the box underneath it says:

An unexpected exception c0000005[EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION] has occurred. Information has been written to Dragon.Log. The program will exit when the ok button is pressed.

I don't know what it is doing or how to fix it.


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From: Willis on 03/01/2004
I just got this error today when trying to log into my online bank account at

Everytime I clicked submit button when I filled in my user name and password I got the following error message.

An unexpected exception c0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) has occired.
Information has been written to DRAGON.LOG.
The program will exit when the OK button is pressed.

Well, here's my log, but I don't understand why DragonNaturallySpeaking is messing up IE when trying to log into my bank account.

BTW I am running under WinodwsME and my only directory for this program is C:\Program Files\Dragon Systems\NaturallySpeaking

Dragon Systems error log started Monday, February 23, 2004 16:39:59
16:39:59 Warning: previous base directory was "C:\Program Files\Dragon Systems\NaturallySpeaking".
16:39:59 Correcting base directory to be "C:\PROGRA~1\DRAGON~1\NATURA~1".
16:39:59 Warning: previous code directory was "C:\Program Files\Dragon Systems\NaturallySpeaking\Program".
16:39:59 Correcting code directory to be "C:\PROGRA~1\DRAGON~1\NATURA~1\PROGRAM".
Dragon Systems error log started Monday, February 23, 2004 16:40:37
16:40:38 Dragon NaturallySpeaking Version
16:40:38 OS: Windows 4.90 build 73010104 ( )
16:40:38 Locale: 409
16:40:38 Multimedia: Creative Sound Blaster PCI(1.101)
16:40:38 Warning: Had to correct 1 GUIDs to use "C:\PROGRA~1\DRAGON~1\NATURA~1\PROGRAM\dd10sapi.dll".
16:40:38 Marshaler: Microsoft, Version
16:40:38 Doing QuickCheck of installation...
16:40:38 Edition: Preferred
16:40:38 Edition history: Preferred
16:40:38 Warning: Windows 4.90 is not supported.
16:40:38 File C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\comctl32.dll: Version 5.81.4704.1100
16:40:38 File C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\riched20.dll: Version
16:40:38 File C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\riched32.dll: Version 5.0.1461.82
16:40:38 File C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\msvcrt.dll: Version 6.1.8637.0
16:40:38 File C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\msvcp60.dll: Version 6.0.8168.0
16:40:38 File C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\comdlg32.dll: Version 5.50.4134.100
16:40:38 File C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\user32.dll: Version
16:40:38 File C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\oleacc.dll: Version 4.2.3130.0
16:40:39 File C:\WINDOWS\speech\speech.dll: Version
16:40:39 File C:\WINDOWS\speech\vcmd.exe: Version
16:40:39 File C:\WINDOWS\speech\vcmshl.dll: Version
16:40:39 File C:\WINDOWS\speech\dragon\dnstk10.dll: Version
16:40:39 File C:\WINDOWS\speech\dragon\dd10enum.dll: Version
16:40:39 File C:\WINDOWS\speech\dragon\dmfc6.dll: Version
16:40:39 Internet Explorer: Version 6.0.2600.0000
16:40:39 QuickCheck Passed.


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From: Gerry on 11/25/2003

Here's a follow-up on my previous posts.

I followed the instructions at with a slight modification.

Because I actually want to continue to use both my version 5 and my version 6 of Dragon, I was able to SUCCESSFULLY ELIMINATE THE EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION ERROR PROBLEM by deleting not the entire c:\WinNT\Speech\Dragon folder (Dragon 5 needed the .dll files in there to run) as recommended in the KB article, but only the .ini file ("nsinstalled.ini") that was in that folder.

File names on your system may be different; I am running Windows 2000 Pro.

I hope this helps.


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From: Gerry on 11/23/2003
Mandy, here's some more info:

First, the URL for the ScanSoft KB article I quoted from in my last message is

Second, I found another KB article about the same error message which I am quoting from below.

Third, since they say that the problem occurs when old/corrupt user files are open, it seems to me that one workaround might be to temporarily close the problem user files (using Manage User menu item, etc.) while surfing Internet or using Corel WordPerfect or whatever is causing the crash.

I hope this helps.

TechNote Number: 3138: User files upgraded to v. 6 are no longer usable in v. 5.

(Excerpt follows below:)


When users that were created in Dragon NaturallySpeaking v. 5 are upgraded to v. 6 Preferred, the user files are no longer usable if v. 5 is reinstalled onto the system.


When these upgraded users are accessed in v. 5, the following error may appear: "An unexpected exception c0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) has occurred." This error may occur when either Internet Explorer 5 or Corel Word Perfect 9 or 10 is open at the same time as one of the v. 5 users.


Please follow these steps to use your user files in v. 5:

Uninstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking v. 5.
Restart your system.
Depending on your operating system:
On Windows 95, 98, or ME, go to c:\Windows\Speech\Dragon and delete the contents of the Dragon folder.
On Windows NT, 2000, or XP, go to c:\WinNT\Speech\Dragon and delete the contents of the Dragon folder.
Reinstall Dragon NaturallySpeaking v. 5.
You will no longer receive this error when launching these user files on v. 5.


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From: Gerry on 11/23/2003
I have the exact same problem when I have Dragon running while I browse the Internet. The error seems to occur when I close an Internet Explorer window. The web page I quote below suggests that the problem is related to the Vocabulary Optimizer. They give a solution for NaturallySpeaking 7 but unfortunately I am running NaturallySpeaking 5, so I am still hunting for the setting or registry value that might solve the problem in my case. I hope the following helps you.

From search on TechNote Number 4492: Error: gAn unexpected exception c0000005 (EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION) violation has occurred.h when adapting to your writing style.

Here is an excerpt from that page:

Follow the steps below to disable the Vocabulary Optimizer from running during the New User Wizard.

Close Dragon NaturallySpeaking if open.
Browse to one of the following directories:


Open the nssystem.ini file located in the gProgramh folder.
Under [Settings] look for the following line: gxxx Do SmartLME=1h Where xxx corresponds to the language version you are using:

deu (German)
enx (US English)
esp (Spanish)
fra (French)
ita (Italian)
jpn (Japanese)
nld (Dutch)

Change the line gxxx Do SmartLME=1h to gxxx Do SmartLME=0h without the quotes.
Click on gFile > Saveh.
Close the nssystem.ini file.
This error should no longer appear when Dragon NaturallySpeaking is launched. If the error does appear again, try rebooting the computer and then launching Dragon NaturallySpeaking.
After following these steps, the ability to run the Vocabulary Optimizer during the New User Wizard will no longer be available.

Note: The Vocabulary Optimizer is a tool Dragon uses to scan your documents to adapt to your writing style. It can be run at a later time by going to gTools > Accuracy Centerh from the Dragon Bar.


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