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 Help!!! Windows crashed and then gave a "susp Post a Reply  
From: Paul on 04/10/2003
So here's the scenario:

2 Dell Inspiron laptops (3500 and 5000) running Windows 98 SE all of a sudden just went beserk. on bootup it says "suspend-to-disk" file is missing. Not only that when you get into Windows none of the programs work anymore (seems the dlls got all messed up somehow. One of the computers said that the service profile needed to be reinstalled. It also somehow set the computer's Internet Explorer Version back from 5.5 to 5.0
This is the absolute strangest thing that has happened. It also deleted the TCP/IP Protocol for the NIC card. so I had to set those back up to access the server. anyone had something like this happen and I'm wondering if it's a virus. so far only 2 computers have had this problem. Any help would be great thanks alot.


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From: Sandy on 09/15/2003
Have you found a solution to this problem yet. I have been given a Dell Laptop to work on. It also has Windows 98se installed on it and it has this very same error at bootup. It is also loosing time, so I suspect that it could be a battery issue.

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