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 winxp restarts during gameplay Post a Reply  
From: fitz on 04/09/2003
I have not played any games on this computer for some time after upgrading it...

I just got the game called downtown run yesterday and installed it.

the settings for graphics were 800x600 and all else were defaults...

the system requirements for this game is much lower than this machine but somehow it restarts and windows is unstable after the reboot...

can someone give me some pointers on this??

I have a AMD XP 2200+ (1.8GHz) with 512 MB DDR RAM running on windows xp pro.

i have MSI GeForce 2 graphics card and the driver is current.

please help!

my email is if you wish to respond through email.

thanks alot guys!!!


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From: shane on 08/20/2004
goddammit i have the same problem too. 2800 AMD ,ge force 5900, 512 ram and computer turns off during game play like castle wolfensein within 15 min but more demanding games can run for ever.

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From: Nemo on 06/09/2004
Please can someone post a reply, to this, i am having a very similar problem... i have the lastest forceware drives for my nvidia 5200, i have the lastest version of direct x. I have scanned my pc with Norton but it has found no viruses. After a while it randomly restarts or freezes and needs to be restarted when playing any computer games. Id like to add here that my pc spec meets the minimum spec of any game I play. I have an athlon 2400+, a nvida geforce fx 5200, 512mb ddr ram, fast cd rom drive etc. etc.



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