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 Can't access Dr D on Partitioned Hard Drive (F Post a Reply  
From: Kate on 04/06/2003
My computer hard drive is partitioned into three drives (just using FDisk) and has been working all right up until today. Suddenly we weren't able to access Drive D.

Drive C is Windows, Office, virus scanner, firewall and a few other programs that installed there automatically. Drive D has other applications on it (all re-installable). The other day I tried to re-install omnipage onto this drive and it wouldn't work. I couldn't delete it so just installed it onto C Drive. Drive E is saved files.

What is happening now is that when we try to access a program on D Drive it is saying that "a drive or network connection that the shortcut refers to is unavailable". When I try to uninstall something from D Drive it says "unable to locate installation log file". When I try to access Drive D from Windows Explorer it tells me
that "a device attached to the system is not functioning". At some stage I got a message about it not being formatted. When I view Dr D
properties is it coming up with no space for free and used space. I cannot scandisk/defrag etc.

Could this be happening because the drive is full? I would have thought that it would have come up with some sort of warning. Is the easiest way out of this to format Dr D? There is nothing on there that we can't re-install.

I have re-installed Win98SE - didn't fix anything. I then uninstalled Omnipage from Dr C. Ditto.

I checked FDISK info about my partitions and both C and E drives say they are in FAT32 but D drive says unknown/not known.
Could this be where the problem lies? If so, what can I do about it?

Should I just format Drive D and be done with it? What I am worried about is that this may not solve the problem, or it could happen again and/or that I might have to reformat/repartition the lot. As I said before, I have learnt my lesson and am not as hasty as I used to be. In fact, I think I might now be too cautious!

Any help that my solve my dilemma will be greatly appreciated. Thanks. from Kate


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From: Kate on 04/08/2003
Just letting you know that I did end up formatting my Dr D. I then deleted both my E and D partitions and repartitioned D and E so that D is now 2 GB and E 1 GB. Everything went OK.


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