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 Fatal Exception OE 017F:BFF8AB97 Help! Post a Reply  
From: Glenn on 04/05/2003
Hi everybody,About every 5th time that I turn on my system I get this message OE 017F:BFF8AB97. When this happens I must start in safe mode then restart and system works fine.I notice that when I shut down system when I'm done with it that it shuts down very fast: the lights are still flashing on the drives and I never get message "its now safe to turn off your computer" It seems like it's powering down before it has gone through its complete sequence.Could this be the problem? Is there a way to slow down shut down? This is a new system that I put together. Im using an AMD Duron 1.3gig processor on a MSI K7n420 Mother, and west digital 80 g hard drive. Operating system is Win98SE.
Someone told me that these newer processors really work better with WIN xp Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Glenn

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From: Baldy on 04/06/2003
You're spot-on with the diagnosis; you need to give smartdrv a bit more time to write back the cache.
Check out my favourite Tweaking tool: XTEQ at URL:

But be sure to read the on-line advisories on the "Products" Page etc.
Using XTEQ, you can tweak all sorts of things, amongst which is the Shutdown delay which you need. XTEQ will make the changes reversible if you set it that way, but it DOUBLES the Registry entries! - so test your tweak, if OK, reverse it then set XTEQ so as NOT to make reversible, then re-do the tweak. Keeps the Registry neat and tidy that way!

Good Luck,


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