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 Defrag has caused an error in KRNL386.EXE. Post a Reply  
From: Bruce on 04/04/2003
Every time I try to defrag I get this error. I've reinstalled Windows
and it didn't HELP.Any IDEAS
Thanks Bruce

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From: Slink on 04/06/2003
I go with Baldy, Safe mode will prevent any other programs accessing the cpu or hard drive while the defrag is running...

Nice call Baldy



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From: Baldy on 04/06/2003
Try running Defrag IN SAFE MODE!
Boot to safe Mode by either pressing F8 or holding Ctrl while the PC boots. At the Boot Menu, select SAFE MODE, and then run Defrag!
Poor old Defrag has a damned hard time doing its job while Windows merrily tries to start Screensavers, check Background processes, etc. so by Defragging in SAFE Mode, you allow Defrag to do its job undisturbed.
Note: on large HDD, (>=10Gb), this can take one hell of a long time, so set it up to do it's thing, and go to bed. In the morning - Job Done!

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