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From: Terry on 04/03/2003
My PIII frequently reboots, freezes, closes applications etc. I am running Win98 OEM. Problem happens most often in Outlook Express, then Internet Explorer, but can happen at any other time with no repeatability. This can happen every 5 minutes or every couple of hours. The time that I actually get an error message (fatal exception, invalid page fault, etc., alway occur at 017f:something. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks

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From: Slink on 04/03/2003

Boot the PC into ms-dos prompt and goto this path...C:\windows\command\scanreg/fix

Run the program and then exit to prompt. Then run scandisk.

When you've done this boot the pc into safe mode, use it a while, type out a document or run a program, something to get the system going. If the system does not freeze then go to device manager and remove all the devices from the list except for keyboard and mouse,

Boot the pc into normal mode and install the drivers as you go along. When you reach the desktop, go to control panel and then to add and remove hardware. Run the program and add the last of the drivers to the hardware found.

Use the system normally, does it freeze now??

If not Great...If it does E-mail me...



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