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 My computer resets Itself Post a Reply  
From: Sorsha on 04/02/2003
I just build a brand new computer and have come accross a problem that has never happend to me before
it randomly resets itself
The compontents i have are
P4 2.4ghxz
Intel D850EMV2
Geforce 4 Ti4280
Audigy 2 Sound Card
Sony DVD and CD-RW
A drive
Let me know
I have the latest drives installed as well

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From: Vasil on 01/17/2004
I'm am running:

- Windows 2000 Pro on a 60GB, 7200rpm hard drive
- Biostar motherboard
- 2 sticks of 512MB DDR400 (1G total)
- AMD Athlon XP 3200+ (2.2GHz, 400MHz FSB)
- ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB video card
- SoundBlaster Live! PCI, now a SoundBlaster Live! 5.1
- 450W power supply
- latest BIOS and drivers

I just built this rig 2 days ago, but it keeps rebooting itself. I can run some low-level applications for about 20-30 minutes until the computer hard reboots. If I run any high end applications, like 3D modeling or online games, I can expect the darn thing to reboot itself in minutes. I swapped out the sound card for another one, but that didn't fix it. I found a virus in it, but that is taken care of. All the drivers are up to date, the heatsink and fan are working, and all the IDE and power cables are properly seated. I EVEN HAVE A BOX FAN SUCKING OUT THE CASE'S AIR! I suspect it's the power supply, but I'll check the autoshutdown settings. I can't seem to find any easy solution to this.


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From: alain on 12/09/2003
I got the same problem for my new
xp 2600+
asus MB
it reboots when i'm running some heavy appz like winamp, togheter with photoshop and stff

my temp of cpu climbs up to 90.
i have to change my bios to do
133 x 11.5

166 x 11.5 (to run at normal cpu speed)

so i'm running that thing at 2000+ speed

any suggestions


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From: Andaho on 08/22/2003
I discovered the problem was faulty memory.

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From: Eric on 06/24/2003
Didnt say what version of windows you have, i know in XP or 2000 you can goto System Properties (in control panel or my computer properties) then advanced tab, look for Start up and Recovery, uncheck Automatically reboot and at least youll be able to see the blue screen saying why it crashed =)

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From: Fred on 06/01/2003
Sounds like a heat problem, there are more chips than just the CPU that have fans on them in some systems. Video boards have them too.
You could very carefully touch the top of each larger chip and see if one is heating up way too much, you should check the fans and make sure the heatsinks have some sort of heat conductive material on them (either a grey flexy - spongy strip or some white goo - radio shack sells it).
If you got your computer used, maybe the jerk left off one of the heat sinks and/or fan, people will do that to save a buck when fixing another computer, they just grab it, put it on another system in a big hurry and then forget they did it later.
Of course, make sure all the fans are running and the heat sensor if it's external to the CPU is properly placed. Remember if heat sink compound isn't there, your heat sink will be cool (and the sensor if it's on the heat sink) and the CPU will be too hot.
A trick techs use is to spray cool spray at chips systematically to figure out which one is giving you trouble, as you said, you can let it heat up and then crash, then spray a large chip (not freeze it!) to cool it down and if it boots right up then you know what chip needs a heat sink (or is defective). Cool spray - radio shack.
You could try to re-seat any chips that are socketed, including memory sticks, and re-seat any plug in boards just for the heck of it.
Check BIOS settings for temp, maybe they are set too low? Also, as a last resort before going out and buying a new MB, reset the BIOS defaults, you never know.
After all that, go buy a new MB that will accept all your existing stuff, it's not worth your time after all the above is tried.
Let me know how it goes, I will check back.

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From: Andaho on 05/29/2003
I'm having this problem with my new XP 2600+ a whole brand new system, and I can't seem to get support anywhere.

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From: Dave on 04/13/2003
Hey there... I use to have the same problem with my XP 1.7ghz 512mb and Ti4600 box... my problem was that it was was overheating my processor.. causing it to reboot. Check your cmost settings, make sure that you dont have the thermal shutdown temp set to low. I know for my processor.. it will fry at 90 degrees C - so i set my thermal shut down in the bios to 85degrees. no problems now!

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From: Slink on 04/02/2003

By randomly reseting its self i take it you mean that it keeps restarting itself or crashing for a more likely word. If i'm correct then do these.

Check the power supply is within the capcity to support your system and also check that you have the correct CPU fan on your CPU and it is running correctly.

What OS are you using..if its XP goto the event log and this will tell you alot more... Also check your system with the chkdsk utility.

If its crashing all the time you need to look at it from a point of hardware or driver issue.



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