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 Computer locks up when inactive, and playing games Post a Reply  
From: Jesse on 03/29/2003
I have had my computer for a while now, and this has happened once before. Last time, any game(3d or non) would lock up at a random time(usually within first 30 minutes of its operation). It would also lock up outside of programs, with barely anything running. These crashes resulted in the end of the sound looping continuously. To fix it, i cleaned the registry with Reg Healer, and ran ScanDisk, and that fixed the problem for a couple of months.

Now, a similar problem is happening, but with a couple of differences. The sound DOES loop, but when it does, there is a random beeping noise that also loops, which comes from the regular speakers, not the PC speakers. The monitor also turns on and off. This used to happen all the time, completely randomly, but after using RegHealer, it only happens after a random amount of inactivity time, or during a game.

I have run ScanDisk, and a virus scanner. Scandisk found some errors, and fixed them, the virus scanner found 1 trojan and deleted it, but i am still getting these lockups.

Something wierd though, in the microsoft system information (Start-Programs-Accessories-System Tools-System Information), it says that IRQ 11 is being used for 7 things, with 3 of those 7 being "IRQ holder for PCI steering", and another 2 of those 7 being "SiS 7001 PCI to USB Open Host Controller." The other 2 things are my sound card (Creative SB Audigy) and "SiS 900 PCI Fast Ethernet Adapter."

There is another place where "IRQ holder for PCI steering" is used, which is in IRQ 5. Nothing else seems to be out of the ordinary.


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From: Jesse on 03/31/2003
Okay, i fixed it, what I had to do was reload windows. If anyone else has this problem, here's what I did.(i have Win98 SE so ill use this example)

insert the CD, close out of the window that pops up, and goto My Computer.
Open up your CD drive(dont double click it, right click and choose Open), then double click on setup.exe.
Follow the instruction from there.
If you get many error messages, try turning off your computer, inserting the Win98 boot disk(you DID create a boot disk, right?) and turn on the computer with both the boot disc and the Win98 cd. It will do some tests, then give you a dos prompt.

type d: (d represents your cd drive). It will change the drive to D:\. Then type Setup. It will run a scandisk, then start windows setup. Have fun!


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From: slink on 03/30/2003
Its hard to say waht is happening here, the IRQ part is normall sometimes, usually the state of play with the IRQ is that it shows you what is not actually happening, i'm still trying to get my head around it but i think you should take your pci cards out of the pc exept for your video card and use the pc like you normally do, are you using W2K/XP cos if you are then use the event veiwer to find out more on the problem,

When you've removed all the cards from the system, use the pc normally and wait for the point to when the problem starts if it does at all. If it does then look at re-installng windows over itself which should cure the problem, also look at getting the video card tested for heat management, you may need a fan on the cards chip... The trojan may have caused problems here to so a re-install of all system files should help, (you will do this when you re-install windows with your origional disk)

Re-install all your cards one by one is the problem does not continue and try to pin point the problem if its hardware or driver related...



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From: Jesse on 03/30/2003
Please help, this is really frusturating, seeing that much of my highschool work is done on this computer.

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