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 WinME:ControlPanel hangs; will not shutdown/restar Post a Reply  
From: Casey on 03/28/2003
Compaq Presario 5000 running original Windows Milleniium (athlon 1.1GHz) with 128MB RAM, using 15GB of 53GB hard drive; IE 5.5 with only one patch. Current with WIndows Updates except IE 6
System had Backdoor.NetDevil and W95.Hybris.worm (3 files): cleaned per Symantec & installed NAV 2002 PE - which found 2 more in recycle bin
Cannot run any of the Control Panel tasks - system sits idle; cannot end around to Display or System (right click on desktop or "My Computer")
System sits and hums away when you try to do a graceful shutdown or restart.
System will come up in Safe Mode, but Control Panel tasks still not available.

Anyone got any ideas on what steps to try next?


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From: jase on 05/30/2003

did the post work for you?



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From: Rick on 05/24/2003
Thanks a million!!!!

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From: slink on 03/30/2003
Firstly if you boot to F8 boot options and choose option 5 i think for command prompt, then goto the followinf directory, C:\windows\command

Type in 'scandisk c:'
let scandisk check the files for damaged clusters etc then exit the program

then type in 'Scanreg/fix'
let scanreg fix the windows system registry.

Reboot the pc and then re-install windows over itself, (you may find that the computer manaufacturer may have put in a seperate partiton with some files on it, this si the recovery system for when your system goes tits up, problem being only they can use it becaise it is prodeced for compaq only... so you can do this...)
but you should have a copy of windows E there somewhere...

Re-install windows from dos mode and say yes to backup system files if asked.Don't use any other winME disk than the one you already have...



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